Jake Reichbart has delighted audiences for the past 30+ years with his unique solo guitar arrangements, performing around 300 live gigs annually. A big part of his staying power has been his ability to successfully incorporate countless pop tunes into his repertoire thereby connecting with all generations.

In this lesson, through the lesson on his arrangement of Kid Charlemagne, you will be afforded a window not only into the world of Steely Dan as interpreted for solo jazz guitar, but also into countless ideas and concepts that can be applied to any pop song. Once you dive in, you will see that, voicing and fingering wise, you are likely already half way there as the vast majority of these voicings are classic drop 2, drop 3, closed voicing triads and other straight forward harmony.

In this one hour and 25 minute lesson, with the creative use of rhythm and melody you will learn how to use the tools you already have.

In the lesson, Jake Reichbart starts out with a rhythm and right hand introduction, teaching and demonstrating how to play bass and melody only, each with it’s own unique rhythm, chord note arpeggiation in the underlying subdivision to help the rhythm move forward and finally, his right hand downstroke, creating his famous backbeat. He then proceeds in great detail to outline the entire arrangement slowly and in closeup while also discussing countless additional ideas and techniques that will make any solo guitar arrangement come alive: Dynamics, articulation, the use of open strings, etc.

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