In this follow-up to his “The Girl From Ipanema” lesson, Jake Reichbart next dives into a gorgeous but also one of the most misunderstood Bossa Nova standards: “Waters of March“! While we all love this great tune, it is one that is rarely played in casual gigs and settings as the form has eluded most of us… With his arrangement and near 90 minute lesson, Jake demonstrates how he breaks down the tune’s components into several logical 4-measure units to create a “head” while moving on to demonstrate how to use these units to create chord substitutions and improvisation, thus enabling us, finally to include this tune in our setlist!

In the dedicated 20 minute introduction Jake Reichbart discusses the right hand and rhythm, demonstrating his 3 main pillars of solo guitar arranging

1- the bass and melody only method
2- rhythmic chord arpeggiation and
3- the right hand “backbeat” which you can choose to incorporate or leave out.

As these three pillars are applicable to all solo guitar arranging, and since the lesson includes countless ideas and techniques that apply to all music, you will come away from this lesson having learned much more than just one arrangement!

Running time: 90 minutes

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