Tony DeCaprio will teach a class in his famous Strategic Picking and the Improvised Line. Tony combines the physics of the violin’s bowing technique with the strategy involved in executing advanced lines, which include piano-like arppegiations and horn-like phrasing. Make no mistake; this session is by no means mono-dimensional within the topic. Tony offers ways of developing very hip lines that show how you can develop your own mental faculties towards improvising; only with one more element added to the brew, and that is the all too often overlooked art of the plectrum. No sense plowing forward in your jazz guitar playing life utilizing mere one-dimensional chops. Tony keeps no secrets. Now there is a chance to cover it all! Come one; come all!

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Strategic Picking and the Improvised Line
Strategic Picking and the Improvised Line 01:50:00

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    Let me start by saying I am a lifelong SERIOUS guitarist (40 of my 47 years). I am a graduate of GIT and was Tommy Tedesco’s last private student there.
    I also independently studied with Ted Greene, Joe Pass, Pat Martino and Barney Kessel.

    unlike the "sweep picking" techniique (which predetermines what you’re going play by virtue of ‘what fits the technique’), Tony DeCaprio’s strategic picking is governed by the LINE, not vice versa.

    I couldn’t POSSIBLY give this masterclass a higer rating.

    thanks again, Tony!


    ~ Pat (May 19, 2015)

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