Join Paul for another informative class where he discusses the Art of Playing Jazz Blues.  He combines the roots of blues music along with the expanding harmonic possibilities and varying approaches developed since the 1950’s to the present day.  Techniques include chords, comping, walking bass lines, soloing, Wes Montgomery chord substitions, modes, pentatonic scales, tritone substitutions and more.

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The Art of Playing Jazz Blues
The Art of Playing Jazz Blues 01:33:00

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  1. Profile photo of George Cole


    Very good class! Paul really goes over ALOT of material but keeps it really focused on the blues. If you have your basic jazz blues chops together this class will give you a lot of new ideas both harmonicly and melodically. And Paul keeps it all light and fun.

    ~ George Cole (August 28, 2007)

  2. Profile photo of timothy allred


    Excellent introduction to jazz blues and Paul Bollenback explains all very clearly. First, covers chord progressions, chord subs, a little walking bass and harmonized walking. Also, clear explanations of the various scales, modes, and chord-scale relationships that can be used. Needless to say, Paul’s soloing is inspiring, funky and melodic. I loved it!

    ~ timothy allred (April 2, 2007)

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