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In this brand new master class by Howard Alden, you will find out how to breathe life into common jazz chord voicings. Discover how Howard embellishes these staple chord grips into a string trio for the fretboard.

You will learn how to use these techniques on diatonic 7th chords to create more interesting movement over standard chord progressions. Howard begins with 4 note voicings and then demonstrates more practical 3 note voicings for this string trio approach.

In addition to seeing Howard demonstrate the examples, you will also get to watch our very own Mike (yes, Mike) try out the concepts. Mike gets first hand tips (on technique, fingering and practice) from Howard. This adds another interesting element to this video!

Taking inspiration from his teacher Jimmy Wyble, you will also see how Howard creates movement that adds a chromatic flavor to chord progressions. Even basic voicings sound fresh with this technique. This is one you have to try out and experience!

Howard will also share a technique to create the impression of using a 7 string guitar (even without the extra string or tuning down).

When applied to your favorite jazz standards, the concepts in this video will breathe new life to both your chord melody and accompaniments. Get ready for your new string trio, right on your fretboard now!

[Description by Az Samad]

  • 6 Pages of PDFs Included
  • Running Time: 38 min

Class Content

Full Video + Download
The String Trio Approach for Chord Melody & Accompaniment 00:38:12
1. Turning your fingerboard into a 3 string trio! 00:01:25
2. Leave out the 5th 00:01:14
3. Double the 3rd 00:00:43
4. 7th to 6th motion 00:01:28
5. Approaching 2nd note from half step below. 00:00:44
Applying the Movement
6. Django run inside chord scale. 00:00:36
7. Applying movement to Chord Melody; Days of Wine and Roses 00:02:23
8. Lower voicings / Freddie Green Style 00:02:00
9. What’s New? in Lower Voicings 00:00:44
5th to 6th
10. Moving 5th up to 6th 00:01:33
11. Variations 5th to 6th 00:00:00
Minor Chords
12. Minor chords 5th to 6th 00:01:03
13. Minor chords 5th to 7th 00:01:18
14. Put movement in the bass 00:00:48
Diminished Chords
15. Applying to Diminished Chords 00:01:39
Student Mike
16. Exercises by student Mike 00:08:18
17. Jimmy Wyble variations 00:03:34
18. Adding 5th to bottom 00:00:50
19. Follow-up with Mike’s progress after a week of practice 00:07:36

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