In this masterclass I’m teaching my investigations about 12 tone row techniques, an Arnold Schonberg’s invention developed for classical composition at the dawn of the twentieth century.

These techniques were  expanded by his students Alban Berg and Anton Webern.My purpose is try to teach simple formulas for  using  12 tone patterns, like augmented triads, 013, 014, 015 and 027 trichords, cuartal triads, octave displacement, 23rd chords, and more.

These techniques have been applied to handy progressions like Blues in C, C-, F, G, and famous standards like Stella by Starlight, Solar, plus examples with II V I sequences.

These ideas have been founded at the core of Atonal music and on the necessity of playing these ideas in a jazz context, using different techniques included Counterpoint and 2 lines showed in my previous masterclass “Contrapuntal Improvisation”.

Jimmy Wyble’s fans could find new 2 line’s licks.

I’m showing the tip of the iceberg of these 12 tone techniques and theory.  I believe that in a near future more and more players will play and compose with these wonderful devices.

Note: This class was previously released in Spanish.

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Twelve Tone Row in Improvisation
Twelve Tone Row in Improvisation 01:07:00

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