“Bitonal 2line” is my new lesson that mix Jimmy Wyble’s concept that I learned from him and Sid Jacobs, when I met them back in Buenos Aires circa 2007. Few months after that, I came with original ideas that expanded Jimmy’s techniques.You can take a look on my first video lesson for mikesmasterclasses.com called “Contrapuntal Improvisation” and my first book also that bears the same name.

Because I love “dissonace”(a polemic word and concept indeed) I started at the same time to research 12 tone techniques, then bitonal ideas, pandiatonicism, set theory, and more. I wrote books , articles, recorded albums and video lessons with those systems.

Suddenly, one year ago, I started to listen in my mind contrapuntal music , with lots of dissonance. I begun to put down on guitar those sounds, and I arrived to this new concept that I called “Bitonal 2line” that start with one note in one tonality and one note in some other.

If you think in only one interval, you can not go bitonal.But along the musical sequence, you will do it.In this class I will teach you this new concept, that open new possibilities on guitar, for improvisation, composing and comping.
For further readings and more ideas on it, you can purchase my clinic “Bitonal guitar” and my book with the same title.
Finally, Stravinsky is the father of “Bitonalism”, Bach the counterpoint’s ambassador. Jimmy Wyble was the guy that opened the door for contrapuntal improvisation.Listen their music is a must.

Juampy Juarez

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    Great stuff as always from Juampy. I would recommend getting this along with his other Bitonality course. This one builds on the concepts he went over in the first course, and he moves faster in this one so it helps to be already familiar with the concepts. There’s a wealth of knowledge here, and it will keep you busy practicing it and getting it down, but it’s great to be able to come back to the course and rewatch things. Solid stuff, but definitely more for advanced students.

    by Dennis Klotz
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