Thanks Tom for sharing this segment with us!

See Tom’s full “The Joy of Practicing” class here.

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7 responses on "Tom Lippincott Free Video 3"

  1. Thank you. Awesome Tom Lippincott

  2. Thank you! I’m trying to master chord voicings ala Mick Goodrick voice Almanacs…

  3. Thanks Tom for sharing your thoughts on practicing. I’m a hobbyist so sometimes I feel guilty about practicing because I have other things that need to be done. Your comment on its a privilege to be able to play helped me. All three of the videos were very helpful.

  4. Lots of awesome tips here. I Especially love the part where you talked about not having to follow a set list of things to practice. That checklist practice approach always left me feeling uninspired. I usually get to every topic I am working on in a way that doesn’t feel forced. If it takes a week or even a month to get through everything so be it. I am a hobbyist with a strong desire to be professional or semi pro btw. Thanks for all the tips!

  5. Thanks Tom, a great lesson. An inspiring perspective on practicing!

  6. Thanks for you wisdom. Best regard from Mexico.

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