In this 2006 masterclass, you’ll learn how to start using counterpoint in your playing. Sid Jacobs shares insights and tips he has discovered from studying the music of Bach, Bird and Bill Evans. You’ll see how seemingly simple ideas like embellishing guide tones can develop into two-part playing that evokes both classical music and jazz sensibilities.

Sid uses examples of tunes including “Yesterday”, “Darn That Dream”, “Autumn Leaves”, “All The Things You Are” and “You Stepped Out of A Dream” to show how the same concepts work on different chord progressions. Along with 18 pages of notated examples, you will have a lot of material to dig into and incorporate into your playing immediately.

This class will help jazz guitarists looking into spicing up their solo guitar arrangements as well as create more sophisticated textures for duo and trio playing situations. Get out from playing chord-melody and start using a melody-chord approach to arranging and improvising.

With the newly segmented videos, you’ll be able to locate specific examples easier for repeated study and analysis when needed.

  • 18 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation and TAB.
  • Counterpoint Concepts Examples and Exercises
  • “You Stepped Out of A Dream” – arranged for guitar by Sid Jacobs

Full video is 1 hour 10 mins.

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Counterpoint Concepts 01:10:00
Section 1
Introduction and Opening Performance of Infant Eyes 00:06:30
Chelsea Bridge and Jimmy Wyble Story 00:05:11
How to learn an arrangement – Major Minor and Dominant Ideas 00:01:02
Example on Yesterdays 00:02:03
The Importance of the 3rd – All The Things You Are Example 00:04:03
Section 2
The 3 Bs – Bach Bird and Bill – Hearing The II-V-I 00:04:38
Adding Approaches and The Essence of Bebop and Bach 00:02:55
All The Things You Are – Connecting 3rds and 7ths 00:04:05
What I learned from Bill Evans – Melodic Clusters 00:02:42
Stealing from Bach 00:03:35
Autumn Leaves meets Bach 00:01:51
Section 3
Stealing from Bill 00:04:34
They were all improvising 00:04:18
Scales into cluster chord voicings 00:02:20
Section 4
Performance of Darn That Dream, Dreamsville and You Stepped Out of A Dream 00:05:23
Breaking up chords for major, dominant and minor 00:06:40
How to start learning all this – a melody-chord approach 00:04:51
Closing Thoughts 00:03:43

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  1. Amazing Lessons


    Sid Jacobs is a Treasury of Fretboard Insight and Nuance.. made my whole new year with inspiration and new found possibilities, Thank You

    by Shawn Loudermilk
  2. 5

    Excellent, Sid is a great teacher explains all the topics very clearly, this stuff is helping me a lot in developing this language. Many thanks Mike and Sid by this contribution.

    by Ozeias Jesus
  3. 5

    Sid’s explanations and demonstrations are wonderfully clear and enlightening. He is a truly gifted teacher and player. I would love to see more of him on Mikes Masterclasses

    by Dave Mosick
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