In this class, John and Kevin demonstrate their different but complimentary approaches to the four modes of the melodic minor scale that introduce tensions over a dominant chord.  Also covered in the discussion are applications of melodic minor chords as dominant chords and the use of tension/resolution in a II-V-I setting.

Included in the class is a 39 page pdf with articles written by John.

In their informal conversation, John and Kevin’s examples will give the student access to many hands-on tools for developing and expanding altered dominant vocabulary and sounds.

  • 34 min
  • 39 pages PDF included

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Full Class + Download
Discussion/Demonstration of the Modes of the Melodic Minor Over Dominant Chords Full Class + Download 00:34:30

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  1. Finally I get...


    …the melodic minor! Really enjoyed the video which repays repeated viewings. I can now visualise and hear how different melodic minor shapes lock onto the dominant chord and can be mixed with dominant and major arpeggios to bring out varying amounts of tension. The articles are useful too, although the lesson would be enhanced by a 1 page worksheet referring to the material covered in the video. Still excellent value overall though.

    by C E Isaac
  2. 5

    Great discussion. Too short for such a rich topic as melodic minor. Also, more examples from actual songs would help e.g. the Ellington illustration greatly clarified what was being discussed.

    Thanks to you both.

    by Dane Clarke
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