In this class John demonstrates and explains pianistic devices (isolating/separating notes in the chord, close interval inversions,etc.) and how to apply them to the guitar in the accompaniment role. Also explained and demonstrated are open string voicings, inner voice movement, playing over the bar line, developing a rhythmic vocabulary as it applies to comping. The devices/techniques are played in the context of simple tunes to demonstrate real world applications.  Guitarist Mike Pardew performs with John during some of the class.

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Expand Your Comping Concepts
Expand Your Comping Concepts 01:39:00

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  1. 5

    Ah, Grasshopper! Before you can leave the temple, you must first snatch 1/100th of the wisdom of Stowell!

    John is phenomenal, I always feel like I’m trying to drink from a fire hose, so a video is a much appreciated path for me to study some of John’s incredible technique. Don’t hesitate, buy this and get busy with it!

    by Dana Weary
  2. 5

    This is an outstanding lesson; concepts that you have not seen elsewhere, like the "over-the-bar" comping ideas that will keep me busy for a long, long time.

    by james Seaberry
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