A sequel to John’s excellent initial Exploring Original Creations [Non-Diatonic] masterclass, this new masterclass will help you discover colorful rich voicings, expand your ears and develop your solo guitar skills.

Although learning voicings separately is important, nothing beats hearing (and understanding) how a master applies challenging ear (and finger) stretching sounds in a musical context. John Stowell shares insights on how he creates harmonically dense and beautiful original compositions. This is not to just teach you cool chord voicings but to give you the tools for you to use in your own performances. By learning John’s pieces, you will be able to quickly digest many chords in context so that you can apply them in your compositions and arrangements.

Every chord voicing, double stop and single note is explained and broken down so that you know where each note comes from. John is a patient and dedicated educator who shares his thought process for these three beautiful pieces.

In addition to explaining how he performs each piece as a solo guitar piece (using his signature pianistic approach), he also performs an improvisation on the blowing changes. These soloing chord changes are also included so you can see how John simplifies the chord progression so that the piece is more friendly for soloing.

If you’d like to start including more modern harmonic colors in your playing, this is a great masterclass for you.

  • 12 Pages of PDFs Included
  • Running Time: 53 mins

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Class Content

Full Video + Download
Exploring Original Compositions, pt 2 00:53:02
Introduction 00:03:00
Always Sometimes
Always Sometimes – Melody Performance 00:00:46
Hybrid Picking Ideas 00:01:34
Always Sometimes – Breakdown 00:10:38
Always Sometimes – Performance and Improvisation 00:03:53
Always Sometimes – Chord Changes for Improvisation 00:01:01
Springfield Sonata
Springfield Sonata – Melody Performance 00:01:09
Springfield Sonata – Breakdown 00:12:09
Springfield Sonata – Performance and Improvisation 00:03:23
Shiffletting – Song Inspiration 00:01:06
Shiffletting – Melody Performance 00:00:43
Shiffletting – Breakdown 00:09:36
Shiffletting – Performance and Improvisation 00:03:25
Outro 00:00:44

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