This class is for begining and intermediate players who wish to explore the nuances that make a genre authentic. Swing , Bop , Cool and the various Latin styles will be demonstrated and discussed.  Participation is essential so everyone is welcome to input their ideas , opinions and questions.

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Interpretation and Musicality for Guitarists - II
Interpretation and Musicality for Guitarists – II 01:24:00

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    Brilliant Class – Each session I spend with Frank, I gain more confidence and my playing becomes richer. Even tho I am a bassist, Frank conveys his ideas for all players whether a harmony or melody instrument. I am recommending his courses to a couple horn players I know….they would benefit tremendously from his concepts on musical phrasing. Thanks for giving access to this kind of class via the net…..Keep it up, Frank!!!!

    Dave Annoni

    ~ David Annoni (November 26, 2007)

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