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This single note-based class is about “putting it all together” to make your lines swing. Through a close look at articulation and pairing varied rhythms utilizing forward motion, the player will feel more confident swinging in the jazz tradition. Whether it’s playing solo guitar or playing with a group, there are concepts presented here that will help give your lines more presence with greater rhythmic confidence.

  • 10 pages of PDF written material notated in standard notation (and TAB for guitarists)
  • Running time: 48 minutes

Concepts Included

  • Articulating phrases to make them “pop” with added presence

  • Bringing out the backbeat (2 & 4) in your lines

  • “Laying back” with 8th note-based lines

  • Emphasizing off beats with legato and staccato phrasings

  • Playing 3/4 rhythms over 4/4 time

  • Short 16th note “stabs”

  • Call & response ideas and related dynamics

  • Slurs and other ornamentations

  • Grouping triplets in various ways

Outcome from this course:

This class will surely get you swinging in some new ways!

Class Content

Jazz Phrasing 4: Intro 00:03:10
Exercise 1: Lower pedal and guide tone line Bb Blues w/ anticipations 00:03:36
Exercise 2: Bb Blues w/ anticipations 00:03:36
Exercise 3: Bb Blues w/ legato notes on offbeats 00:02:07
Exercise 4: Lines with backbeat on 2 & 4 00:06:37
Exercise 5: Bb Blues w/ short 16ths 00:01:30
Exercise 6: Bb Blues w/ triplet rhythms (lower pedal, upper step-wise line) 00:05:26
Exercise 7: “Laying Back” on a Bb Blues & Call and Response on an Eb Blues 00:06:12
Exercise 8-18: Enclosure, Hemiola, and Various Note Groups 00:12:57
Jazz Phrasing 4: Outro and Solo 00:02:59
Complete Video
Jazz Phrasing 4: Complete Video and Download 00:48:09

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