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This class continues on from Jake’s popular first Mike’s Master Class “Making the Changes – Translating the Jazz Language on Guitar”.  Where the first class focused on one tonal center, this one covers connecting melodies through rhythm changes.

In This Class:

  • continuing the 4 note cell connection in part one to apply to 2 chords per bar progressions
  • examples and analysis of lines
  • applying diminished chords in the lines
  • follow along and see how Jake spontaneously creates lines with these concepts
  • Running Time: 39:58 min
  • Written Examples: None

Class Content

Making The Changes II - Connecting Tones Through Rhythm Changes
Making The Changes II – Connecting Tones Through Rhythm Changes 00:40:00

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    Another gem by Jake Langley. Making The Changes I & II + Fun With Diminished + Getting the Most Out of Practicing, for me, is a one complete system for practicing Jazz improvisation, I recommend everyone to own them all. Combining with Sheryl Bailey materials, you will get more than any books can offer. Hope he will do more video lesson for us.

    ~ Wai (September 4, 2015)

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