Guitarist Jay Umble holds his first Mike’s Master Class where he conveys his ideas on modern harmony and harmonic concepts.  Read more for a detailed outline.

1. Modern Harmonic Systems
a. C Dorian Harmonized Scale
b. Major and Minor Parallel Chordal Systems

2. Blurring the Harmonic Nature of Chords

3. Bossa Nova Rhythm Concept with application on a Standard Tune

4. Parallel Voicing Concepts for ii – V7 – I Progressions

5. Modern Comping with the Blues
a. Using a common tone on top for entire chorus
b. Pianistic voicings
c. Other voicings – 12 bar example
d. Applying the Altered Dominant Matrix System

6. Modern ii – V7 – I Progressions

7. Harmonic Set-Ups

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Class Content

Modern Harmony & Harmonic Concepts
Modern Harmony & Harmonic Concepts 01:14:00

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  1. 5

    This is a solid class. Definitely lots of ideas to keep you working through for a long time. I’ve been trying to find that particular sound, and with this class, I feel like I’m finally able to play what I’ve been hearing in my head. Good mix of practical stuff with theory behind it. 5 Stars for sure.

    by Dennis Klotz
  2. 5

    Jay Umble is truly one of the modern masters of jazz guitar.The opportunity to take real time live classes with world class educators from across the nation is amazing.Instructional DVD’s are great ,but the ability of having one on one interaction with educators of Jay Umbles caliber on Mike’s Master Classes is the real value.Jay Umbles class on Modern Harmony & Harmonic Concepts was jam packed with great information.Something’s immediately popped some light bulbs and I was able to implement them right away…..and some things will require much study.Jay is abel to teach very modern outside concepts and make them sound in the pocket.Check out his "Blurring the Harmonic Nature of Chords" or his "Applying the Altered Dominent Matrix System"

    thanks for a GREAT lesson

    by Michael Guerrisi
  3. Masterclass Harmony


    Harmonic Master!!Well explained and great feel!!Only a few have this kind of knowledge of harmony.Yeah How to put a “avoid “note in the chord!Thank you

    by nino ruggieri
  4. 5

    Simple and powerful. Jay has a gift in presenting ideas that work right away. Perhaps this comes from his personal re-elaboration of Pat Martino’s teaching.
    I found expecially useful his hints on modern blues harmonies, and a lot of fun to play.
    I will surely buy Jay’s lessons on the Altered Dominant and on Composition.

    by marco coccioli
  5. 5

    The class was very well organized and the material was innovative and extremely well presented in a logical, well organized manner. Easy to understand and apply. Jay is a gifted teacher and player and this one of the best lessons I have had. Highly recommended.

    by Robert Minchin
  6. 5

    I just want to say thanks a lot to Jay Umble for his Master Classes. I’m learning a lot, especially about what fascinates me the most with the jazz guitar, modern sounding jazz harmonies and pianistic like voicing. His Altered Dominant Matrix System Must is very extremely helpful for fretboard integration. Highly recommended! Thank you to MrGuitar for the tip on Umbles books.

    Cheers from Norway

    by Torkill Bruland
  7. 3

    Great material, really easy to understand and presently in a clear and concise manner. Though, just like Mr Umble’s other class, it would have really helped to have heard him demonstrate the material in a tune right off the top of the class. Otherwise, definately worth checking out!

    by Matthew Warnock
  8. 5

    Tremendous material, very clear, concise delivery. Well explained. I would gladly buy another class with Mr. Umble and highly recommend him to others.

    by james Seaberry
  9. 5

    This lesson was the sign post to many of the things I would hear on CDs but could never quite figure out. Mr. Umble is clear in his explanations. Strangely enough, I found some of the ideas extremely easy to implement right away (esp. major and minor parallel chordal systems)! The end result gave me the feeling of "controlling the dissonance" like the masters do. There are also many aspects of the class that will require greater effort.

    by Chris Van Scyoc
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