Psychology, Philosophy & Methodology for
The Jazz Guitarist – 3

This class addresses psychological performance concepts, methodology (how to) pointers and philosophical concepts relating to the guitar and music in general.  Jay shares his insights drawn from 30 years in the music arena.  Other topics covered are topics rarely, if ever, discussed.

Unlike the standard approach to master classes (i.e., put this finger here and play this chord, etc.) this class series is a discussion about the artistic/philosophical side of music.  This class series will have you thinking “why didn’t I know this 20 years ago!”

Topics include:

• Balancing Energy
• One of the Big Secrets To Improvisation
• Polarity
• Giant Steps
• Go To School Without Going To School
• Hearing
• Improv. Substitutions
• Expanding Your Awareness
• The Most Important Thing

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Class Content

Psychology, Philosophy & Methodology for the Jazz Guitarist - 3
Psychology, Philosophy & Methodology for the Jazz Guitarist – 3 01:50:00

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