This class addresses psychological performance concepts, methodology (how to) pointers and philosophical concepts relating to the guitar and music in general.  Jay shares his insights drawn from 30 years in the music arena.  Other topics covered are topics rarely, if ever, discussed.

Unlike the standard approach to master classes (i.e., put your finger here and play this chord, etc.) this class series is a discussion about the artistic/philosophical side of music.  This class series will have you thinking “why didn’t I know this 20 years ago!”

Topics include:

• Being professional
• Preparing mentally for the gig
• Preparing physically for the gig
• Finding your own voice
• Characteristics of pro players
• Believe in what you do
• If you want to be a good player
• Tightening up jazz standards
• How to work with study materials

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Class Content

Psychology, Philosophy & Methodology for the Jazz Guitarist - I
Psychology, Philosophy & Methodology for the Jazz Guitarist – I 01:17:00

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  1. Psychology, Philosophy & Methodology For The Jazz Guitarist - 1


    Excellent thoughts and ideas on getting better at music and life.

    by Dane Clarke
  2. 5

    This Master Class fills many gaps for players just starting out or for those whom haven’t had a knowledgeable or practical mentor to show them the ropes. Particularly helpful were the segments on " Finding your own voice" and " Characteristics of pro players ". Lots of usable information. Highly recommended. DE

    by Dennis Easter
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