Auto-comping is a neologism that I use for a new technique that I’ve been developing.
Auto-comping is thinking of the guitar in a Polyphonic way, like a pianist, a big band or an orchestra. The auto-comping offers us many artistic possibilities, such as playing very simple lines and then filling in with chords.  Very simple lines that remain sounding while dense chords appear.  Also, a few notes like guide tones, soloing with chords, chords with voice leading, etc.
I think that the first player that used these techniques was the genius Lenny Breau.
Other great players that use auto-comping or self-comping are Ed Bickert, Jim Hall, Ron Eschete and Vic Juris. These ideas are useful for trio and solo setting, as well as for composing and improvising.
I love the modern Jazz harmony like clusters and quartal chords, but auto- comping can be used in more traditional ways as well.
I have included 2-line ideas with this as well.
Thanks for listening and watching!
Juampy Juarez
13 pages of written material including standard notation and TAB
Running time: 55 minutes
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