If you have felt stuck in your ability to write tunes, this composition class will show you an entirely new way to address this process.  No more waiting for that “magical moment” when composition appears.  These techniques are proven to work when you need them to work!

If your writing needs a jump start and you are searching for a fresh approach to composition, this class is for you!

The main point of this Master Class:  Compose a series of chords that sound great from one to the next.  With this chord progression established, all other aspects (tune structure, style, melody, intros and outros) will fall into place.  These techniques demonstrate that through the use of a small parameter (that each chord must contain a particular note), chord progressions become easy to generate!  This small parameter doesn’t dictate the compositional process.  It simply enables you to have a sense of direction.  Without this parameter, the chord progressions (that you develop with these techniques) would forever remain hidden.
The tunes played in this video are meant only to demonstrate the techniques involved.  The important thing to “get” from these tunes is the process that brought about these tunes!
In this Master Class:

•Alphabetic Junction – “Orange To Grey”  (Ballad)
•Single Tone In Variation – “Infinite Staircase” (3/4 Med. Up)
•Multiple Tone In Variation – “Durana” (Samba)
•Single Chord In Variation – “Springs” (Med. Swing)
•Numerical Junction – (only process explained)

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Class Content

Composition Techniques
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  1. 5

    If you have a good knowledge of chord voicings at your disposal then this class will have you creating some great sounding tunes. I purchased this class as I had to compose an original tune for my upcoming recital, and as Jay mentions in the video, it only took an hour and a half to have the tune 95% completed. Jay’s playing on the video is inspiring when demonstrating the concepts…awesome sound and feel. I am looking forward to using all the concepts mentioned in the video. Highly recommended.
    Note: this is a review from Stephan B. who did not want his full name listed. As that is how the site works and I cannot edit reviews, I am re-posting this for him.

    by Mike Gellar
  2. 5

    Wow! Even just the first composition technique that Jay teaches allowed me to write a tune with modern changes and melody…in less then an hour! It is a tune I am actually proud of!

    In the past few months, I have been writing a lot thanks to this master class. Jay explains the process very clearly. There are "formulas" involved, however what you will be doing is pure creativity. The formulas he presents are more of "limitation exercises" that in the end give you lots of freedom.

    I played a couple of my creations with a trio last night. The other guys dug the tunes and we had a good time fleshing out arrangements. Thanks Jay!

    by Erik Schlosser
  3. 5

    Jay, thank you for this incredible workshop. The material you share here can help not only guitarists but any other kind of instrumentalists to discover their compositional "voice". This is one of the best resources about composition i have come across. It works; and the results are immediate and surprisingly stunning! A Big Thank You! 🙂

    by Nuno Pinto
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