Get an insider’s view on John Stowell’s style of teaching and playing, approaching guitar chords pianistically, developing arrangements of familiar tunes that create new challenges (modulations, odd meters), use of open string voicings and voice leading in comping.

3 Standards:

  • “Days of Wine and Roses”
  • “On Green Dolphin Street”
  • “Like Someone in Love”


  • Modulations as part of an arrangement of a familiar standard
  • Odd meter interpretations of standards
  • Melodic minor mode applications to introduce tensions over dominant chords

Expected Outcome:

New ideas for soloing, adding new chords for comping and solo ideas, improving ability to internalize and memorize chord progressions.

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Class Content

Section I
1: Intro and “Days of Wine and Roses” 00:06:59
2: Soloing and Comping Ideas 00:06:51
3: Open String Voicing Ideas 00:03:22
4: “Green Dolphin Street” Discussion 00:05:59
5: Minor 3rd Modulation on Wine and Roses 00:03:03
6: “Like Someone in Love” Discussion 00:05:40

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  1. Profile photo of J. Andrew

    John's great! Production lacks.


    John’s classes a great! He provides very clear details and instruction. However, I would agree with the comment above. There needs to be notation provided in order to study such complex material. Also, the sound quality is horrible. This seems to be a problem with most of the videos Mike’s Master Classes offers. It is quite a shame to have such amazing musicians and teachers with such poor sound quality. I think teenagers on youtube are getting way better sound quality. Love the material. Disappointed with the production quality and lack of study materials.

    ~ Jay Heaverlo (August 23, 2018)

  2. Profile photo of Michael Bryant

    audio is a bit quiet / hissy


    The content contains brilliant concepts, but is let down by the low audio volume / high hiss when John speaks.

    ~ Michael Bryant (July 3, 2018)

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