Expand your chord vocabulary and voice leading skills, improve your ability to improvise over non-diatonic chord progressions.

14 Original Creations by John:

  • “Always Sometimes”
  • “Blues in J”
  • “Friendly Giant”
  • “Pretty Boy Floyd”
  • “Rain Painting”
  • “Shiffletting p1”
  • “Shiffletting p2”
  • “Simple Pleasures”
  • “Spectrum Rescue”
  • “Springfield Sonata”
  • “Swedish Bingo”
  • “Tapioca Time”
  • “Throop”
  • “Violin Memory”


  • Modern original chord melody composition
  • The use of chord shapes to address improvisation over non-diatonic progressions
  • Hybrid picking for chord melody articulation

Expected Outcome:

In addition to enhancing your skills in chord melody and improvisation over non-diatonic, John also briefly addresses hybrid picking and the use of open strings and inner voice movement in his chord melody compositions.

  • Running Time: 1hr 3 min
  • 14 original song sheets created by John Stowell included.

The album "Basement Blues" contains some of John's compositions. The others are on the album entitled "Destinations".

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Class Content

Section I
Introduction 00:03:22
“Violin Memory” – Chords, performance, non-diatonic, melodic discussion. 00:18:44
“Simple Pleasures” – Non-diatonic, reharmonization, melody, chord arrangement discussion, and performance. 00:20:42
“Tapioca Time” – Performance, breakdown, non-diatonic. 00:20:47
Full Class + Download
John’s Creations – Full Video + Download 01:03:39

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  1. Exploring Original Creations.....WOW!!


    I have followed John Stowell for quite a few years, been lucky enough to hear him live and play with him, and he is one of the most creative, original, supportive, and enthusiastic musicians anywhere. This class shows what a masterful creator and teacher he is. Beautifully organized, clearly taught, and thoroughly original approaches to the music of today and tomorrow. Highly, highly recommended. (say Hey to Lou for me)

    by james seaberry
  2. A non-diatonic composition course - finally!


    I’ve been waiting for a course exactly like this – thanks John.

    The main thing I like about the course is there are lots of short examples of different compositional offerings.
    John’s offerings are cliche-free and he offers loads of approaches that are helping me with my own efforts.

    Very highly recommended.

    by Michael Bryant
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