John Stowell and Tom Lippincott play and discuss their approaches to the standard “Out of Nowhere” in a Zoom conversation. Gain a better understanding of applying melodic and harmonic ideas to the song Out of Nowhere which can also be applied to other standards and jazz tunes.

Some of the topics covered in this discussion include:

• Trading sixteens, eights, and fours improvising solo guitar
• Solo guitar melody statement and discussion of the approaches
• Comparison and contrast between John’s and Tom’s approaches to the song and to improvising
• Breaking down the form of the song
• Harmonic analysis of the chord changes with discussion
• Taking the melody into account with harmonic and single-note improvisational approaches
• Discussion of incorporating open strings in both chord voicing and single-note lines
• Discussion of different chord substitutions including tonic diminished and other possibilities using modes of harmonic and melodic minor scales
• Taking the song to a different key to demonstrate the importance of thinking of the function and relationships of the melody and harmony
• Includes 39 pages of articles and transcriptions from John Stowell
• Also includes a three-page PDF put together for this class detailing the harmonic analysis discussed plus a few of the specific chord voicings demonstrated


  • Chord Melody
  • Chord Voicing
  • Harmony
  • Soloing
  • Standards

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Out of Nowhere: Solo Guitar, Harmonic, and Melodic Approaches 00:28:19

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  1. out of nowhere


    Two of the nicest, most generous, most talented musicians I have ever met and been lucky enough to play with, and lucky enough to get all this great information and insights.

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