Join guitarist Frank DiBussolo as he continues his series “The General Tonal Center Concept for Improvisation”.  This is a concise system for processing complex chord progressions making improvising a simpler thought process.  It will free the player to create musical ideas rather than concentraing on playing the “right notes”.

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Tonal Centers for Jazz Improv Part II
Tonal Centers for Jazz Improv Part II 01:28:00

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    Excellent Videos


    Frank’s videos are so excellent. thx.

    ~ Frank Galoni (February 12, 2019)

  2. Profile photo of Dave Williams


    I downloaded this one because I got a lot of great information from Frank’s first lesson. I wasn’t disappointed. Frank follows up the discussion and demonstration of his general tonal center approach to improvisation with an eye-opening demonstration of a very simple, common sense way to use modal "colors" in conjunction with tonal centers. Excellent instruction and good responses to students online, with the bonus of hearing some oustanding playing by Frank on his new Benedetto. – Dave Williams, SC

    ~ Dave Williams (July 7, 2007)

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