Join guitarist Frank DiBussolo for his first Mike’s Master Class, “The General Tonal Center Concept for Improvisation”.  This is a concise system for processing complex chord progressions making improvising a simpler thought process.  It will free the player to create musical ideas rather than concentraing on playing the “right notes”.

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Tonal Centers for Jazz Improvisation
Tonal Centers for Jazz Improvisation 01:23:00

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    I just downloaded and reviewed the first in the series of Frank’s General Tonal Center Concept for Jazz Improvisation. This is brilliant stuff! I am a bass player who spent time studying at Berklee in Boston and have been playing the bass for more than 20 years. The concepts that Frank delves into in this first class already has given me great confidence in my jazz bass solos. He simplifies the improvisation process into a concise methodology that I can grasp and apply immediately. I will be downloading the next 3 classes in this series over the course of the next week or 2. I can’t wait!!!!!! This series is GOLD!!!!

  2. 5

    After hearing Frank play as part of the Benedetto Players, I was excited to find this lesson. This is an excellent presentation of using tonal centers in improvision. Frank has a way of simplifying what can often seem like a mysterious and hard to implement approach. It is evident that he has been teaching this stuff for a long time, and he knows how to effectively articulate the important points. I especially appreciate his use of some of the great standards to illustrate how effective his approach can be. To cap things off, Frank includes some monster playing. I found this class an inspiration as well as a first rate learning session.

  3. 5

    Frank presents a logical and organized system which is helping me to be able improvise freely and musically. i was able to play along with the standards he uses to demonstrate and hear how he is using major scales and chord tones to formulate musical ideas. i am planning to take his next class and learn about secondary dominants.

  4. 5

    I really enjoyed Frank’s class on The General Tonal Center Concept for jazz improvisation. I found the class to be very informative and inspiring. Frank’s Tonal Center concept really simplifies the thought process by using major scales as a basis to create musical ideas. Frank clearly demonstrates this by playing several tunes including Satin Doll, All The Things You Are, Misty and Stella By Starlight. I certainly look forward to his next class !!

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