Welcome Back Sid Jacobs

A few months ago, we were excited to announce a new recording with Jack Wilkins.  Shortly thereafter we had further excitement to include our first recording with Howard Alden after trying to connect for more than 10 years.  It is with that same excitement that we were able to re-connect with Sid Jacobs this November and get some new classes recorded.

Sid was kind enough to open his house up for an up-close encounter recording session with Jeremy behind the lenses.  Sid also brought in a friend/guitarist/student whom Sid knew through a mutual friend and colleague Jimmy Wyble.

During this session, Sid took his musical approach in a festive manner in a timely yet timeless approach to Holiday music.

Two new classes came from this session.


The resulting classes are certainly much more than just your average take on Holiday music.  It was a look into Sid’s approach to music in general.  His unique way of starting with Melody and the attaching the Chords that his ear tells him to use.

His explanations are simple to understand yet not easy to perform.  In these 2 classes based on Christmas music and also touching on some popular Beatles tunes, Sid demonstrates why any song can be turned into a masterpiece…from Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells, to Bach and Beethoven.

In conjunction with the release of these new classes from Sid with over 4 hours of video recording, Mike’s Master Classes have also done a “freshening up” on Sid’s previously prepared classes that were already getting raving reviews.

Sid’s Course Updates

A Guitarist’s Approach to the Harmony of Bill Evans is a popular class of Sid’s that has been further enhanced with segmenting and soundsliced portions for accelerated learning.   Discover the connection between jazz pianist Bill Evans and the playing of guitar greats like Lenny Breau, Jimmy Wyble, John Stowell and Sid Jacobs! In this enhanced version of the 2006 masterclass from Sid Jacobs, you will get to see how understanding guide tones, voice leading, counterpoint, melody and using open strings can create a unique sound for your jazz guitar playing.

Counterpoint Concepts is now segmented to easily locate sub-topics.  This has been one of the most requested features as each class has so many in depth concepts.  Now you can easily go back to locate specific sections to review and practice.  This class will help jazz guitarists looking into spicing up their solo guitar arrangements as well as create more sophisticated textures for duo and trio playing situations. Get out from playing chord-melody and start using a melody-chord approach to arranging and improvising.

Guide Tones Class is also segmented and an updated description is written by Az Samad.  This masterclass will provide much food for thought as well as plenty of musical examples that you will able to dig into. There’s a wealth of knowledge from Sid Jacobs in the entire session. This masterclass is well suited for intermediate and advanced jazz guitarists who know about guide tones but may have not fully examined the depth of it all.

Also, if you haven’t taken a look at this updated demonstration video for Sid’s “The Magic Scale and Symmetry” course.

We look forward to more classes on their way with Sid.

November 27, 2018

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