In part 2 of this insider’s view on John Stowell’s style of teaching and playing, students get further ways of re-thinking how they approach jazz standards by changing meters, reharminizing, introducing tension through melodic minor modes.

3 Standards:

  • “All the Things You Are”
  • “Triste”
  • “Autumn Leaves”


  • Changing meters
  • Incorporating odd meters
  • Reharminizing a standard
  • Using the implied five
  • Working with melodic minor modes to introduce tension over the dominant

Expected Outcome:

Learn to apply new ideas for soloing, adding new chords for comping and solo ideas, improving ability to internalize and memorize chord progressions.

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Class Content

1: Changing the Meter 00:06:04
2: Odd Meters 00:07:53
3: Reharminization 00:08:25
4: Implied Five 00:02:57
5: Melodic Minor Modes to Introduce Tension Over the Dominant 00:05:49
Full Class Video and Download
Exploring Modern Ideas for Jazz Standards Pt. 2 Full Class + Download 00:31:07

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  1. Profile photo of James S.

    Exploring Modern Ideas Pt. 2


    Fantastic as always. John never disappoints. There are so many great ideas in this class.

    ~ james seaberry (November 9, 2018)

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