With written materials in standard notation and TAB.

In this Master Class I show my ideas about walking bass and comping, with one foot in tradition and one foot on modern jazz,showing that comping is one of the most important tools for duos that exists.

When you learn how to play walking bass lines on the guitar, you will comp behind singers, piano players, wind instruments and other guitarists with enough vocabulary and dexterity.  The walking is really good for comping at fast tempos and when you have to let space behind the soloists, you will begin to think like a bass player, thinking horizontally and keeping tempo like a madman.  Besides that, you will start to think in polyphonic ideas,  listening to more than one thing at the same time, bass and chords together,  and possibly melody too.

Juampy Juarez, april 2012

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The Art of Walking Bass Lines
The Art of Walking Bass Lines 01:07:00

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