In this advanced jazz guitar class, John Stowell illustrates using harmonic and melodic minor substitutions to build new solo lines over major, dominant and minor chords.  Included with this class are two original compositions of John’s, which comprise these techniques, written in standard notation as well as TAB.

Other Guitar Lessons from this series include:

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Thinking Outside the Box - Part III
Thinking Outside the Box – Part III 01:31:00

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    This is another marvelous class from an amazing musician and a genuinely nice person. The material is not wholly different from other learning material John has produced, but it goes into much more depth than the prior classes do on how to turn 2 very useful types of scales into actual original tunes; YOUR tunes, not someone else’s. It is not easy material to grasp or absorb, but if you really want to come up with innovative ways to write and play very modern sounding, "unorthodox" music, then this class may give you the key. It is NOT easy, but is an essential extension of what John has presented before.

    ~ james seaberry (June 3, 2013)

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